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Feel free to compare the mortgage contract of your client!

A product that ensures payment of several types of credit, using one affordable and easy to use solution instead of other bank products.

We have 2 solutions to make sure you meet your client’s financial obligations should the following occur:

  • Disability
  • Death and disability

Eligible credit:

Any debt payable through periodic payments to a recognized Canadian financial institution.
For example, but not limited to:

  • Mortgage loan and home equity line of credit
  • Loan to purchase or lease an automobile, boat, motorcycle or recreational vehicle
  • Investment loan
  • Personal or business loan
  • Line of credit
  • Credit card
Banking Institution* Credit insurance offered
Premium reimbursement Not available 2 options: Up to 100% at age 65 or 75% after 15 years
Beneficiary Lending institution At the holder’s option, and more than one beneficiary is allowed
Premium Fixed for the term 2 options: Levelled every 10 years or levelled at age 65
Proof of health Usually when a claim is submitted Full medical assessment
Pre-existing conditions 6, 12 or 24 months, variable depending on the contracts None
Portability No Allows coverage to be maintained, even if there is a change to the lender
Flexibility Limited Amount, type of coverage, waiting period and fully flexible options
Other Covers only the loan taken out with the institution Can cover several different loans in several institutions

*This is an overall summary based on the different policies available in the industry. One or several features may differ from those set out in this table.

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