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Web Referral

IDC WIN through its Pro Spect Insurance subsidiary, can refer serious clients that are highly likely to close the deal to its broker network. Our online referral service is the ideal solution for brokers who want to focus on sales instead of canvassing for clients.

Backed by online SEO generators, Pro Spect Insurance supplies nearly 17,000 potential customers who are referred to our advisors. More than a quarter of referred customers convert to real customers. Most of these references come from our exclusive agreement with clicassure.com.

In order to facilitate the distribution of the leads, we are involved in numerous initiatives relating to the use of new technologies and the implementation of our Bitrix 24 distribution CRM.

Join our network, and we’ll refer qualified clients to you, based on your performance. This will free up your time and allow you to focus on what you do best! Learn more about Prospect Assurances.

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Corporate Client Referrals

Our corporate call center refers clients from previous projects we’ve completed for different professional associations and from our own exclusive programs. In the last few years, our call centre has referred close to 5,500 corporate requests to its business network annually. Our corporate client development expertise will help your firm grow its business volume and draw brokers to your service offering.

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