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We recommend investing based on optimum diversification for your client’s RRSP and non‑RRSP investments, that best suits his investor profile and the number of years remaining before he withdraws some of the capital. The following solutions are available:

  • Savings and income products, with or without guaranteed payout;
  • Tax-efficient funds;
  • Private management;
  • Lifetime annuity (guaranteed for life);
  • Strategy to create or maximize his estate.

The engineering behind financial services and products is constantly evolving. A good grasp of all the available financial products and services is a must, so we can offer solutions that will enable him to reach his goals.

For optimum diversification, we can invest the assets in a portfolio of funds with automatic rebalancing based on the investor profile, or use individual investment funds and a high-interest savings account to protect the assets of your client in the short term.

A balanced portfolio can diversify his income streams.

  • High-interest bank account;
  • Bond funds;
  • Balanced funds or asset allocation funds;
  • Canadian equity funds and global funds;
  • Specialized funds.

The portfolio analysis can be part of an overall financial planning process or part of the retirement planning.

It is never too late, or too early, to start saving!

An analysis of the retirement scenario is clearly one of the most popular aspects of financial planning today. We will look at a multitude of data to properly assess your client’s current savings, his expectations in retirement, and what he will have to save and earn on his investments to reach his goals.

Since we have to determine, based on a careful assessment, if your client will be able to reach his retirement income goals, we have to proceed using the following steps as guidelines:

  • Cost of living or target retirement income;
  • Sources of income in retirement;
  • Savings required.

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