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Canadian Construction Program

The construction industry is a market that we have been developing for over 20 years and for which we serve a large clientele. This program is exclusive to IDC Worlsource Insurance Network inc. across Canada and offers significant discounts on disability insurance coverage available to all construction workers.

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A smiling farmer in front of his tractor

Quebec Agricultural Program

Because we know that farm operators and market gardeners have different needs than those in other industries, we has developed a comprehensive service offer to provide workers in the agricultural industry with the best possible coverage and financial tools. The Quebec Agricultural Program is aimed at all stakeholders in the agricultural sector, both in the field of dairy production, cattle, pig and other breeding, as well as in market gardening, etc.

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Suplementary Accident Insurance SECUR+

SECUR+ First Day Accident

SECUR+ First Day Accident is a disability insurance policy in the event of an accident that provides benefits from the first day of disability, under certain conditions.

A complementary policy

SÉCUR+ is an ideal complement to a long-term disability salary insurance plan. Secur+ also offers additional benefits such as: accidental death and dismemberment benefit following an accident, benefit for paramedical expenses in case of an accident and dental care benefit in case of an accident.

More protection for less money: it’s possible!

With SECUR+ First Day Accident, you can increase the waiting period of your main insurance policy to reduce its cost, while remaining better protected in the event of an accident!

Protect your premium refund

SECUR+ First Day Accident acts as a "buffer" policy. In case of short-term disability related to an accident, the claim will be made through SECUR+ and not through your main policy, which protects your main policy and its premium refund!

With SECUR+ First Day Accident you will be protected in case of disability as result of accident.

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SECUR+ Assistance Services Program

Premium assistance services including legal assistance, identity theft assistance, telemedicine as well as assistance in filing your disability insurance claims.

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